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The Nfinity Kneepad Set features one pair of white sleeves, one pair of black sleeves, two pads and a carrying bag. d30™ is a specially designed material that features intelligent molecules that move with the body and conform to the knee during movement, yet lock together and absorb energy upon impact. The harder the impact, the faster the molecules react, providing superior protection immediately. Unlike other volleyball knee pads, which offer bulky, thick padding that hinders motion, the Nfinity Kneepads offer superior range of motion with even better protection. Perfect fit below the knee design. Five inch sleeve height and slimmest 8mm thickness. Total patella, tibia and femur protection. Embroidered logo. NCAA, FHSA, and USAV compliant. NfiniPocket allows for the pads to be removed from the knee sleeves for the most thorough wash and dry. Biotex antimicrobial sleeve technology. Drymate pad moisture wicking control.
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