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This product can be shipped to US and Puerto Rico addresses ONLY. The updated DeMarini CF5 is the lightest swinging bat to date in the DeMarini lineup. It's also their most technologically advanced bat, specifically created to optimize the barrel's balance and sweet spot. A Tri-Strut TR3™ composite handle and barrel join to create strength and efficiency at the surface of the barrel. The Clutch End Cap is for use exclusively with DeMarini's composite barrels and will return the energy of each impact straight to the barrel. That barrel is made of exclusive, next generation DoubleWall Stacked Composite. Multiple walls are separated by DeMarini Power Ply for the biggest sweet spot and the most power, even on off-center hits. DeMarini Rotational Index helps players prolong the life of their bat by providing a numerical index on the handle and barrel. Use this to remind you to incrementally rotate the bat after each hit, so no certain area is overused. The Pitch Black Handle adds strength with the optimum flex. This bat uses a triangular formation at the molecular level to make it strong, stable and predictable without adding any unnecessary weight. Approved for ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA. To contact a manufacturer about a warranty, please refer to our Bat Warranty Manufacturer Contact List .
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