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The Polar RCX5 GPS is for the multi-sport athlete looking to take their training to the next level. Built to help you improve your fitness level while tracking performance, it's the perfect choice for endurance athletes, cross trainers, or triathletes. Able to switch between sports with the simple touch of a button, the Polar RCX5 ensures that you never miss a beat when you're transitioning in and out of sports during a training cycle. Just choose the appropriate sports profile for the work you'll be doing and let this heart rate monitor do the rest. This training computer also includes great feature that can help you maximize every workout. Lets you download endurance training programs from PolarPersonalTrainer.com using Polar DataLink technology, plus, the built-in ZoneOptimizer feature lets you adjust your heart rate zones so that you train more effectively. Race Pace will help you control speed to meet your target times and a disturbance-free hybrid transmitter ensures accurate heart rate monitoring, even in water. Comes with: Polar RCX5 training computer, Polar WearLink+ Hybrid transmitter, Polar G5 GPS sensor, Polar DataLink data transfer unit, RCX5 Getting Started Guide, and the G5 GPS sensor User Manual.
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