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You can't hurt the DeMarini Steel Softball Bat ASA. Because of an improvement in DeMarini's raw materials, this single-wall bat has all the strength you'll need. With fine-tuned barrel wall thickness, the bat's durability is increased for the perfect amount of responsiveness. The Steel includes Half&Half™ technology, a revoluntionary two-piece hitting system. It creates a larger and more responsive sweet spot by flexing before impact and recoiling after. It gives ball-launching energy to every hit. It gets help from the N2M end cap that decreases vibration and pushes all the energy into your hit. Includes a two-piece, Hybrid Comfort Grip with enhanced tack to wrap the composite handle. ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA Approved. 26, 28, 30 oz. 34" length. To contact a manufacturer about a warranty, please refer to our Bat Warranty Manufacturer Contact List .
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