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Marucci designed their Elite Baseball Bats to be hitting machines with the a mid-load mass for the best balance possible. To get this effect, they redistributed the weight from the barrel all the way into the handle. It placed it where hitters can actually use it, getting the most out of every ounce. The seamless two-piece construction and ring-free, multi-material barrel allows them to remove any excess weight that a traditional bat would hold onto. It gives unrestricted performance to this pro-inspired bat, upping the responsiveness of your barrel. Thank the seamless hybrid construction for the maximum amount of energy transferring to your hits. Overall, the result is a lighter swing weight that improves bat control and increase swing speeds. The handle is made of aerospace-grade carbon composite and wrapped in an aramid-reinforced, anti-vibration grip. 2 5/8" barrel diameter, -3 weight ratio, 31", 32", 33", 34" lengths. BBCOR Certified. To contact a manufacturer about a warranty, please refer to our Bat Warranty Manufacturer Contact List .
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